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This is the user's login password. Enter it without punctuation or spaces. It is case sensitive, for example, "BigJoe" will not allow access if the password was set as "Bigjoe".

A good password is often two short words with an underscore in between, for example, big_joe. If you can make the words come from different languages the user knows, for example, joe_grande, you will have a better password. Although mixed case passwords are more secure, they are also easier to forget, so not recommended. Use at least 6 characters.

Following convention, what is typed displays as asterisks so no one can see the password on the user's monitor.

Each user is responsible to keep their password secret. Leaving it around a desk or on Post-It notes allows others to access the account. Pretending to be the legitimate user, they could post tasks that look like they are from the real user, add notes to the tasks of others in a way that appears to have come from the real user. If any user enters a valid username and password, TaskMeister will consider them the real user in all respects, and the real user will be responsible for whatever they do.

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