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To fix a software bug, a programmer must first recreate the reported bug. The information in these steps is what the programmer will try to follow to recreate the bug. If the programmer fails to recreate the bug, perhaps because the information provided in these steps is too vague or incomplete, the bug fix will be canceled.

Each step to be recreated is described by 4 fields as defined below:

URL : This is the URL or location where the first step takes place. This is often the URL of an online form where the user ran into the bug, or just before. The best (really the only) way to get the URL is to clip it from your browser's location field, and then paste it into the step area's URL field.

Your actions : This is where you describe what you were doing at the above URL to either encounter the bug, or on a previous step to set up the bug in a step leading up to it.

Error message : If you saw an error message on your screen, clip and paste it into this field.

Screenshot : Sometimes, it is best to show what your screen turned into as part of the bug. You can grab the screen's display by pressing the PrtSc key on a Windows-based PC.

If you feel you need to provide information about more than 3 steps, continue after the third step with information in the tech support request form's description area.

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