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Although you can email us or telephone us, using a tech support form is the easiest and quickest way to get a bug fixed, that is, a problem where the software is defective and not working the way it was designed. If the software is working the way it was designed, but it should be redesigned to work a different way, we do want to hear of that as well, but you should use our suggestion form for that (goes to a different person).

By filling in as many fields as you can, we avoid the common delays where we ask for clarifications to better understand what happened. To fix a bug, we must understand enough to recreate the problem. Going back and forth with email or phone tag puts off dealing with your request that much longer, and you may forget the steps you took to produce the bug.

For valid bug reports, our goal is to gather enough information so we can assign it to a programmer for resolution using our Task Meister software tool. Programmers are precise people who need the exact details, not just generalities such as, "The form doesn't work." They need to be given precise instructions to recreate the problem, to see the problem first hand, before they can try to fix it.

You don't need to fill in all 3 steps. Most often, you can describe the bug with one step, the form where you tried to do something and failed. In those very rare cases where you need more than 3 steps, please use the problem description area to describe those extra steps.

We are committed to maintaining the quality of this software application beyond your expectations so please submit bug reports whenever you encounter a bug, and we will respond quickly.

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