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The Request Type field designates what type of inquiry is being sent to Tech Support.
This is a pick list with preset values.  You may see values such as the following, but some tech support forms do not include all possible values; sometimes a suggestion form is separate from a bug report form, for example, and then only the matching request types are displayed:

Question - A general inquiry or question about the software you are using.

Suggestion for Improvement - After you have been using the software for awhile, you may see places where things could work differently or better. We welcome suggestions on how to improve the software.

New Feature Request - If there is something you think would be a useful addition to the software, please let us know.

Bug Report: Minor Problem - A minor problem is probably creating an error message or slowing you down but is not critical to completing a task.

Bug Report: Major Problem - A major problem is most likely halting your work progress and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Bug Report: System Down - This is a critical issue and support should be contacted right away, for example, an error message precluding anyone from using an entire section.

If you see values besides the ones above, feel free to request your sysadmin to put into this pop-up help information about that additional help type that the sysadmin added.

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