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Existing users are listed with edit pencil icons to change their information, and trash can icons to delete them. The user edit form has its own pop-up help.

When deleting a user, TaskMeister first checks if that user is listed in a field on a task or event. If so, TaskMeister presents the choice to change all mentions of the user to delete with another remaining user. If that is not agreeable, TaskMeister inactivates the user instead of deleting him. An inactive user is dropped from all active picklists such as Assigned To, but can be retrieved by clicking the "Show deleted users" checkbox near the bottom of this page. The sysadmin who originally opened the account cannot be deleted.

The Add New User command button along the bottom is how to add a new user.

If you check the "Show Task Numbers" checkbox, two columns are inserted showing how many tasks were either assigned by or assigned to that user.

Each column header on the user table has its own help. Mouse over it or click it to see.

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