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A user's SecLev, better known as a permission level or security level, gives them rights to do different functions in TaskMeister, allowing some things and forbidding others.

The SecLev choices are:

- Read-Only: Outside of the task management process, these users can nonetheless see what is going on. These users can view tasks where the user is Assigned To, Assigned By, or In the Loop. They can also view events where the user is one of the attendees. They can also change their own preferences, such as their passwords.

- Worker: These are the regular, common TaskMeister users. They are the same as Read-Only but also can edit the tasks and events that they can view.

- Employer: Same as a Worker except when TaskMeister is used with eTaskBoard, in which case this user can propose pre-tasks.

- Coordinator: These users manage the tasks of all users on their TaskMeister account. They have the same rights as a Worker but can also add, view, edit, or delete any task or event. They can also access and edit all account preferences under Admin except users, billing, and sub-accounts.

- SysAdmin: These users manage tasks and users. They are the same as a Coordinator, but can also access and set any field in Users and Sub Accounts in the Admin section.

- Billing SysAdmin: This is the user who first opened this TaskMeister account. They are the same as a SysAdmin, but can also access and set any field in the billing option of the Admin section. This is assigned only to the user opening a TaskMeister account. Since this SecLev cannot be edited nor can this user be deleted, this SevLev value doesn't appear in picklists.

Note that TaskMeister has a type of user "Guest" who is not listed on the Permission Level. Guests get no username or ID of their own; they must use the username of their host in the special guest login form. They can do nothing but review their host's calendar and add an event with a status of "Proposed".

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