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Door Knockers is a way to send messages to Picture A Thought users without revealing anyone's email address, unless you want to.

To send a Door Knocker, just click the door knocker icon on a user's profile. To receive Door Knockers, be sure that you left checked the Public checkbox on your Door Knocker setting on your own profile.

Besides seeing your message, the Door Knocker recipient will see your Alias. They can click on that to see the information about you that you have marked public, including your Door Knocker if you marked that public.

Door Knockers are an excellent way to introduce yourself and explore collaborating on an mblog with another Picture A Thought user. We suggest exchanging email addresses and communicating that way after you learn a bit about the other person and feel comfortable with them.

Door Knockers are also a great way to do business with a contributor whose mblogs you like. You can ask to hire photographers to do your wedding, musicians to produce, a jingle, writers to write all manner of things, illustrators to design a logo, and so on. Such arrangements are between the two of you. Picture A Thought doesn't get a cut, but we're also not responsible for whatever happens with the deals that you make.

Although you can use Door Knockers to share your opinion with a contributor about their mblog, we recommend that you do that in the mblog's comment section, unless you have something private to say.

Remember that you can also reveal your account with Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. in your profile if you wish folks to communicate with you that way.

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