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The Picture A Thought knowledge base has categories and subcategories of mblogs and their components (images, words, and sound). If you're not searching for anything in particular, but browsing for ideas, this is the right place for you.

Take a look at the categories along the left. You can click the + sign to the left of any of them to display their subcategories and drill down to just what you're looking for.

The top ones are unusual in that they list all the mblogs, their components, and our contributors.

Once you click on a (sub)category name on the left, the middle are fills with a list of all the mblogs, components, and contributors under that (sub)category. If you notice the icon to the left of each one, you can tell if it's a mblog , sound , image , words , or contributor [blank]. If you click the information icon to its right, the mblog, component, or contributor will display. If you click its edit pencil (visible only to its author), you'll get its edit form.

The "Hot List" area to the right collects the mblogs, components, and contributors that you click to view often or most recently.

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