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Along the top-right of the mblog is an edit pencil icon and a trash can icon, displayed only for the contributor who first entered the mblog and for sysadmins. The edit pencil displays the form to make changes to the mblog, and the trash can confirms that you want it gone.

Most of what you can do looking at a mblog require you to scroll down to see the buttons down lower.

The Favorite button allows you to add the mblog to your personal favorites, a permanent record you can use for a variety of purposes.

The Report Inappropriate is the button to click if you see the mblog violating our policies such as advocating hate speech or illegal acts, or if you feel the mblog has grabbed copyrighted material without permission.

The Edit and Delete buttons are the same as the edit pencil and trash can icons above.

The Buy button brings you to our ecommerce system if you would like a copy of the mblog on a poster, greeting card, etc.

The PDF button displays a version of the mblog without any of the buttons, votes, etc.

Below that is the voting section showing how many votes the mblog has received, and a button where you can vote. If you have already voted, voting again just changes your previous vote -- you can't stack the deck by voting often.

To the right of the voting section, you can see the various mblog labels starting with the name of the main contributor who is responsible for the mblog.

Below all that is the comment section where you can get involved in conversations about the mblog.

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