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This is where you can search by what others are saying about the mblogs submitted by a particular contributor. Sometimes it reflects the quality the contributor can produce, but often it is just how well the contributor can please a crowd.

You can enter several things in this field. First, you can specify the minimum number of total votes received by the contributor. This is the total votes for all mblogs. Since each mblog usually gets a few votes, someone who has submitted a lot of contributions is likely to get more total votes than someone who only has a few mblogs, perhaps because they are just starting out. That is why the average votes per mblog is a better gauge of a contributor's popularity or following.

The average number of stars that the contributor received across all his/her mblogs will give you a sense of where that contributor's strength or focus is. Note that the four categories each answer the following questions:
Inspiration (Does it inspire?)
Image (Is the image great by itself?)
Words (Are the words inspirational by themselves?)
Sound (Is the sound or sound a great match or exceptional even by itself?)

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