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If you're not sure which contributor you seek, this is the form to find that person. Whether you're looking for someone to collaborate to put together a mblog for Picture A Thought, or help on a project of your own, we can help you find that creative person.

You can use this search form as a quick and simple way to find contributors, or as a powerful tool for power users.

In its simple default display for new users, you can click the "Add" button, add a couple of keywords, and submit your search. A quick and easy way to get results.

As you grow familiar and want more control, click the "+ More Search Criteria" to expand that category of search criteria. You can then click on any of the search criteria on the resulting list to search by that as well.

Be sure to click the field names on the form for pop-up help about each such field.

This is a great place to experiment since you can't ruin anything by searching.

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