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Virtual File Storage Allocation  (ID: 7196)   Question  

Along the left is a list of files you have uploaded to a cloud-based virtual service vendor like DropBox. Keeping the files themselves on DropBox, you can add a reference to them in your KB Meister account, making them easy to find.

Note that if you don't see a file on the list that you know you uploaded to DropBox, check the following:

1) Did you put the file into your KB Meister directory under "Apps" in DropBox? That is where we look.

2) Did you already allocate it? Once you allocate to a category in KB Meister, we take it off your list. If you want the same file under more than one KB Meister category, that's easy to do using the KB Meister feature to list the URL to DropBox under more than one category. No need to allocate the file more than once.

3) Check the "No Follow" list. Using KB Meister's feature on this page, you may have asked KB Meister not to bother with specific files.

If you do see your file and wish to allocate it to a category in KB Meister, click its checkbox. If you see several files you wish to put under the same category, mark all their checkboxes to save time. Then navigate to the target category on the right, clicking the + icon as needed to get to the subcategory you wish. Finally, click the pointing hand next to the category you wish and the KB Meister records will be produced under that category pointing to your DropBox files.

At that point, you can go to those records in KB Meister, and label them with keywords and notes that will help you find them later.

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