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Virtual File Storage  (ID: 7195)   Question  

With KB Meister users moving their files from their local computers to online servers, we are seeing a growth of online storage service vendors providing such storage. The popular name for that is storage in the cloud.

One of the earliest and largest such vendors is DropBox. Whereas they provide a cost-effective way to store files and to share it with anyone across the internet, they lack all the KB Meister features to find such a file. For a few files, that is unimportant, but after putting hundreds (or hundreds of thousands) of files in the cloud, it becomes hard to find just the right file with out sorting them into categories, using keywords, and the many other KB Meister features.

You can use DropBox with KB Meister to gain the best of both worlds.  You upload your files to DropBox, use their features to move them around and share them, and use our Virtual File Storage feature to store the reference to them (the URL) in KB Meister, along with all your other stuff that may not be on DropBox (like other URLs).

Important to remember is that you need to move your DropBox files into your KB Meister directory in DropBox.

To use this feature, you must first set up your account with DropBox. After you do that, click the Update Files button. The first time you do that, KB Meister will ask for your DropBox username and password. After that, KB Meister will set up a KB Meister directory in your DropBox account. Then move your DropBox files that you wish to manage with KB Meister into the KB Meister directory that you find under "Apps" in DropBox. This is a DropBox rule, not a KB Meister rule.

If you prefer a different online storage vendor besides DropBox, please let us know and we will be happy to consider adding them to the list.

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