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Mass Emailed Allocation  (ID: 7194)   Question  

Although you can click on an individual emailed posting to allocate it individually to form a new knowledge object under a category, or to form a new comment note at the bottom of an existing knowledge object, you can do the same things to many emailed postings all at once.

Using this feature, you can drag an emailed posting from the left-hand column to the icon next to either a category to make it a new knowledge object under that category, or the icon next to a knowledge object in the right-hand column to make it a comment note under that knowledge object.

If you mark the checkboxes of more than one emailed posting, dragging any one of the marked emailed postings will drag them all and make them knowledge objects under the same category or notes under the same knowledge object.

Note that you can expand a category in the central column with the down-arrow icon to the left of the category name, and then you will see its knowledge objects in the right-hand column.

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