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The Search Results is a list of URLs that matched the selection conditions you entered on the Search Form.

As with the regular Index view of URLs, you can click the URL's name to go directly to it, or you can click the info icon to the right of it to learn more about it (before going to it).

The "Search Again" command button at the bottom returns you to the Search Form you just left, with the selection conditions you just entered. Use this if you didn't find what you wanted (expand selection conditions) or if the list you received was too long (restrict selection conditions).

If your search results would yield too many URLs, you see an error message telling you how many URLs you would've seen. Use the "Search Again" command and restrict it more for fewer URLs. If you need to review a great many URLs, set your Preferences instead of Search, and use KB Meister's hierarchical Index view to navigate across so many URLs.

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