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The Search form allows you to do specific searches for URLs across the KB Meister database. Use this when you're not sure which keyword branch to follow to locate the URL you seek, or to just get all the URLs that contain a particular word in their title or description.

The Search form allows you to look for a few URLs in KB Meister that meet your selection criteria. Criteria such as who first entered the URL (Originated by) and who has attached their name as a regular URL user.

The picklists allow multiple selections. That means that if you hold down the Ctrl key (on a PC) and click picklist values, each value will be marked selected. If you thus select Jim Jones and Mary Smith in the "Users" picklist, for example, KB Meister will select URLs that either Jim Jones or Mary Smith have marked as a user (not URLs that both of them have marked).

These selection criteria can be joined with a logical "and" or "if" using radio buttons between them. Using an "and" between "User" Jim Jones and "Visited Since of 9/1/02 selects URLs Jim Jones marked as a user and from among those, only the URLs that someone has visited since 9/1/02. Using an "or" between "User" Jim Jones and "Visited Since of 9/1/02 selects URLs Jim Jones marked as a user and adds to that list all URLs visited by anybody since 9/1/02 (whether Jim is marked as a user or not). Marking "or" will always produce a larger URL list than "and" (or in rare cases the same list).

Most Search form users will enter values into the lower section of the form, the text search "Containing Words". Besides the logical and/or of the radio buttons between selection criteria, you can specify a logical and/or between each word you enter as text to search. Click on the "Containing Words" field label on the form for more info on that.

Note that the Search form looks like the Preferences form (so you'll know how to use both after you learn to use either), but thyeir results are different. The Search form produces a list of URLs whereas the Preferences form adjusts which URLs to be included in your personal KB Meister. If all of KB Meister contains 10,000 URLs, for example, you can reduce it to display only the 1,000 you are likely to need on a regular basis in Preferences. You would use this Search form to drill that down to perhaps the 10 URLs that contain "fiber" and "optics".

Note that you can search across all of KB Meister, not just those URLs set in your Preferences.

Keywords: Overviews, Selection Conditions

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