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Using the Keyword List, you can decide which keywords will be attached to the URL.

The attached keywords are where the URL will be listed. Select at least one. The default will be the keyword that was shown in the Index view when you clicked the "Add URL" button.

Attach multiple keywords where a URL is likely to be searched under more than one keyword, for example, Oracle may be listed under "Vendors - IT Related" and under "Software - Databases". Do not put a URL under every keyword someone may use, just under the keyword(s) they are likely to use. Most URLs are listed under the one main keyword most appropriate to the URL. If you've added too many keywords and wish to start over, click the "Deselect All" button to have no keywords selected, or click "Reset" to restore the keyword selections you had when you started working on the Keyword List.

You may delete the keyword and/or add others. You do that by checking the boxes after the keyword you wish. Use the plus and minus icons to expand or contract keyword branches until you've drilled down to the keyword you seek.

The "Add" button returns you to the URL form you were on, with the keywords you selected attached to the URL. The "Cancel" button returns you with no keywords changed.

If you see keywords in the Keyword List that are not displayed in the left-hand panel of your Index view, it is because your Preference settings have turned them off, perhaps to reduce KB Meister's display to a smaller, easier to manage list of URLs.

If you are a sys admin, you get a "Keywords" option on your command menu where you can add, edit, delete keywords from KB Meister.

Keywords: Add URL, Edit URL, Overviews, Sub-Keyword

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