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URL Data View  (ID: 204)   Question  
This page presents a view of the data KB Meister stores about the URL.

You can click the URL address to continue on and visit the URL in a new browser instance. Or, you could check the notes before your visit.

This data view is actually a form since you can add URL users as well as add notes of your own about the URL.

You can also click the "Edit" button (if you have access rights) to modify all URL data or the "Delete" button to remove it from KB Meister's database.

The "Cancel" button returns you to KB Meister's Index view if you decide you don't want to visit the URL, perhaps because of what you saw in its notes. The "Cancel" button doesn't undo users or notes you added while in the URL's data view.

Keywords: Data View, Info View, Overviews

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