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Editing URLs, an Overview  (ID: 203)   Question  
This form will edit or modify the info KB Meister maintains about a URL. A URL is usually the address of a website but it can be many other knowledge objects.

On this form you may click on the name of any field and get help about what can go there. The "URL" is a good field name to click to get an idea of what different kinds of URLs you can include in KB Meister.

You may enter user IDs and passwords you (or others) need to access this URL by clicking the "Add" button under "Users". It is also used to designate that a user is attached to a URL, i.e. wants to see the URL on personalized URL Lists using the "Prefernces" button. Once entered, you may use the pencil icon to edit a user's particulars or the trash can icon to remove them from the URL (not from KB Meister), assuming you have sys admin rights.

The default keywords under which the URL will be listed are shown next to the "Keyword" field name. The "Add" button below it allows you to add more keywords under which it will be cross-indexed (i.e. also listed there). Paradoxically, you may use the "Add" button to remove a keyword since you review and may change the entire list of all keywords attached to the URL.

Keywords: Edit URL, Overviews

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