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Add URL User  (ID: 200)   Question  
This is the form you use to enter user IDs and passwords you (or others) need to access the URL that you came from to the Add URL User form, and whether you want others to see those passwords.

Using KB Meister to store this access info is easier that maintaining records separately -- when you want to go to a URL, KB Meister will have your access info at your fingertips.

You may use this in addition to your browser's ability to remember your access ID and password for quick typing (instead of pasting from KB Meister), or the URL's website leaving cookies on your computer to note such access info so you need not re-enter it at all. One advantage to KB Meister is that such access info is available from wherever you are, not just the computer with the ID/password recorded or the cookie set. Also, you can view your password (instead of just asterisks) in case you need to know what it is.

It is also used to designate that a user is attached to a URL, i.e. wants to see the URL on personalized URL Lists using the "Preferences" button. This is an approach to marking URLs so that you can select to list them easily when the KB Meister database grows very large.

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