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KB Meister is an online knowledge base. Think of it as a database that can store many different types of data, more than a regular database. Think of it as your own website directory (like a small Google or Yahoo), but also able to manage information of your own, like blogs, pictures, spreadsheets, and company files.

The categories on the left of KB Meister's home page are like the table of contents of a book. Click on those to see what is listed under each category. The list of information under a category displays in the middle panel. Click on any of those to see the piece of information listed, or to jump directly to the website listed. Click the information icon (!) to see more information about a listed website, for example.

Click a plus sign to the left of a category to see its subcategories, and then explore those. There is very little you can do to KB Meister by just exploring it, so learn by driving it around. Only if you come across forms that can edit the contents of KB Meister should you back out.

As you explore KB Meister look for more help icons (?). Also, the name of every field on every form provides its own pop-up help by just clicking on the name (to tell you what goes in that field).

For more help to get started, click on the KB Meister Home Page link below, and look through the Overview, Features, and Demo sections (in that order).

If you get stuck, don't forget to ask us a question through the other link below.

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