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Search is the command to search for help based on text contained in the help record. It is also a convenient way to list every help record in Help Meister.

To do a text search, begin by typing the word(s) of interest in the first entry field. No need to set them off with quotes or to separate them with commas.

After the "Result contains" is a picklist with values "all" and "any" (default). This is how you specify whether you want matches to all or any of the words you typed in the first entry field. If you typed "fiber optic", for example, and received too many matches to either "fiber" or "optic", then change the "any" to "and" and you will see only help records containing both "fiber" and "optic".

The "Sort" picklist allows you the specify the search results to be sorted either "descending" or "ascending" (the default: 1,2,3,...a,b,c...), and "by relevancy", "by the alphabet", or "by ID". The relevancy sort lists first the help record that is the best fit to the words you entered, typically because it contained the search words several times. The "by alphabet" just lists the help records alphabetically by their help title. The "by ID" lists the help records sorted by the unique ID assigned by Help Meister. This last option is most useful to sys admins.

You can use the "Return max" picklist to specify how many help records you wish to display, for example, only the best 10 matches. You can also request "all" matches to display.

Not really a search, checking "Return all records" disregards any search text and displays a complete list of all help titles (sorted as requested).

Clicking the "Submit" button produces the search results, presented in a columnar list to the right of the search conditions described above. The list presents the number of matches, and then the titles of the matching help records. Clicking any help title displays the complete help record.

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