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Help Meister is an online application to add help to any online application. Click the Help Meister Home Page link for an overview, features, and a demo tutorial.

The main menu command buttons appear atop every Help Meister page and form. Clicking on any of the buttons brings up a page with more help on that function. Summarizing the commands, left to right:

Keywords presents alphabetized keywords like the index at the back of a textbook. Clicking a keyword, or a sub-keyword underneath it, displays the help records associated with that keyword.

Search is the command to search for help based on text contained in the help record.

Manual displays the view similar to paper help manuals. This is also the default view when first entering Help Meister from an admin standpoint. The printing functions and the Table of Contents are along the left, and the help records are listed in the middle.

Preferences are where you select the type of help to be your default. Depending on how this was set up, your preference choices can include language, job type, proficiency, etc.

Admin (visible only with admin priveledges) allows you to add new help records and see Help Meister reports.

Logout is how you log out of Help Meister. You don't need to do this when you finish with Help Meister. Most people just close the browser instance. You log out in those rare instances when you want to leave nothing on the computer you are using regarding Help Meister and the cookies you would use to automatically load your preferences.

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Help Meister Home Page
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