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This is where you introduce yourself.

Although you should try to be as complete as possible, don't worry about getting everything right this first time. After your application is received, your Coordinator will contact you to welcome you aboard, and to show you how to change or add to your profile.

You can see that the signup form is broken into sections. Note that you can mouseover or click on any field name on the form, and you'll get help like this, but focused on the field that interests you.

If you have more than one address or phone number, you'll get an opportunity to share that with us after your application is approved. For now, we only need the main ones.

If you are a member of an organization that already has an account in eTaskBoard, do not use this form. Instead, ask the manager of that account to add you as an individual associated with that organization's account. That manager has an "Add" button for users on his account.

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