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This is the password needed after entering a username to gain access to a tool.

The initial default is the same as the username, usually the first initial and last name of a user, lower case and without a space, but the user may change this. Changing it regularly is a good idea.

Although we do not enforce password size or its format, we recommend at least 6 characters to include letters mixed with numbers, as well as symbols such as @$%. Don't use other symbols, and use all lower case letters. The reason is that it is too easy to forget what is capitalized.

A cool trick is to think of a word and then replace letters with symbols and numbers as below:
a - replace with @
b - replace with the number 8, which looks like the capital B
e - replace with a 3, which is like a backward E
i - replace with the number 1
o - replace with the number 0
p - replace with the number 9, which is like a backward P

Keywords: Security, User Info

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