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The User Access Rights page is broken into the following sections:

  1. User Details - The basic info identifying the user
  2. Tool Access - Info about what access the user has to which tools and which sub-accounts.
  3. Notes - A chronological log of user-related comment notes added to the user's record

Plus / minus iconsEach section has a plus or a minus icon as shown to the right. The minus icon minimizes the contents of the section, making it easy to scroll past and view the other sections. The plus icon expands the section to reveal its details and fields. These are toggle commands so either the plus or the minus icon is displayed, depending on the choice you make.

The Tool Access section is further divided into subsections, one for each tool accessible to the user. The left side of each such subsection has an icon and name identifying the tool, and below that the security access level (SecLev) of the user. To the right of that is an Account Access Table that shows the main parent account and its sub-accounts to which the user may have access. To the right of each line is a dollar sign icon you can click to go to the billing record for that (sub)account.

Edit pencil icons are spread throughout the page to edit various sections and subsections. The one next to the User Details section allows you to edit the information in that section. Note that the resulting User Info Edit Form is the same as what is displayed by the edit pencil on the results table from a Get or Search command for the user.

Each Tool Access subsection has an edit pencil you can use to edit that subsection's information. Each edit form displayed in response to clicking an edit pencil has its own help icon with help about using that form. The Notes section has no edit pencil, but you can add as many notes as you wish with its Add Note button.

At the top-right of the page is a trash can icon to delete the user's record, after agreeing to a confirmation page. Unless you are certain you wish to delete a user, as in the case of an accidental duplicate entry, consider instead keeping the user and their data for historical reasons and just deactivating his Status.

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